October 22, 2018


Not a Normal Introduction

by Jeff Camozzi

I should start by asking you to forgive this laughably belated introduction.  I’ve been meaning to post since last February when I began as the new Operations Manager at Azend, but since I started we’ve been faced with quite a few shifts, hurdles, highs and holy cows — all while maintaining our mountain peak standard in what we do and how we do it.  

New to the company, I thought, “Goodness (yes, I really say ‘goodness’), I think I’ll hold off on posting until things cool down to a normal pace and time.”  Eight months in and we have yet to reach normal.  

Why so?  At Azend there is no non-shifting plane.  There is no period without change and growth. There is no time where we put our feet up in the cozy comfort of now-it-is-what-it-will-be-forever.  There is no normal.

Azenders continuously move and adapt to meet the needs of clients and team members.  We create and problem solve, documenting and reviewing (each and every semicolon) to insure the trail we’ve left behind is solid ground for both remaining dev teams and users.  We support and collaborate with each other to reach our potential and make sure the client is reaching theirs.

So I guess no normal is normal at Azend.  And I’m proud to be part of the team.