August 24, 2017

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New Executive, Same Mindset

by Genghis Philip

I think introductions are in order.


I’m Genghis Philip, and I’ve recently taken over as Chief Operating Officer here at Azend. I’ve spent the past seven years working to make teams better at software companies here in the Twin Cities, and I’m excited to be able to do so at Azend.


In my first executive gig, as COO of Fisdap, I was responsible for the ‘people stuff’– support, sales, hiring, firing, Scrum process, professional development. My job was to get people working together better, internally and externally.


The reason I took the COO job here at Azend is because that’s what Jeff, our founder, and the rest of the team asked me to do. It’s what Azend invests itself in every day.


We make teams work together better. From our internal projects, to auditing process for clients, to embedding our developers and QA analysts in existing groups: Azend’s main mission is helping our clients accelerate the change that they want to see. Our clients want to change the world with their products. They want to change the world for their patients. They want to change the Culture of Quality in their workplaces.


Azend’s promise is that we’re going to help them get there, on their own terms.


On top of being a business geek, I also coach high schoolers (in Ultimate Frisbee, before I lose all my nerd-cred). Coaching student athletes isn’t all that different from coaching techies across multiple teams — there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every configuration of players (and coworkers) has to learn their own language, their own cadence. I am consistently blown away by how high-performing people inspire, challenge, and elevate each other. They get more done. They have more fun.


They find the change they want to make, together. And then they accomplish their goals, together.


I came to Azend because every person here is obsessed with enabling our clients to be their best selves. Our clients told me the same thing. Azend isn’t placing consultants like “the Bobs” from Office Space. We’re team members, embedded and committed. Even after our contracts are up — when our clients win, so do we. We’re proud of every victory, because we know we’ve earned it together.


As a coach and an executive, I know there’s no better mindset for a team.

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