August 25, 2016

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It ain’t what you do…

by Jeff Camozzi

You should listen to my sales pitch, because my company is not like any other company. In fact, my company is so unique that you’ll be blown away by what we can do for you. We have top-notch developers and we know how to get the job done better than anyone else…

Sound familiar? Even having my own consulting company, I regularly get solicitation emails from companies claiming “top talent” and a “unique approach.” I would be lying if I said we didn’t use similar language ourselves — point of fact, a prospect gave us feedback that we “sound just like everyone else.” And let’s face it: what we do is not unique.

Companies in our line of work try to use many terms to describe their business: “Consultancy,” “Professional Services Firm,” “Staffing Agency.” We like to use buzz words to catch your eye. We will add value to your business. Our key differentiator is how unique we are. We have experts to suit your every need.

In reality, we’re no more unique than any other consulting shop. We all provide similar services. Granted, larger firms can do more of those things (often at a higher price point). When you look for a consultant, it should be a given that the company will provide top-rate talent, depth of expertise, and the ability to quickly make an impact on your project. So what makes one shop more unique than another?

… it’s the way that you do it

In my past life with a startup company, I loathed the idea of bringing consultants on the team. There always seemed to be a disconnect between my expectations, and the reality.

What I wanted:

  1. High-powered technical experts
  2. Short ramp-up time
  3. Direct involvement and engagement with my team
  4. Clear communication
  5. Invested in the success of the project
  6. Reasonably priced

What I got:

  1. Adequate technical skills
  2. Hands-on training and support required
  3. “Toss over the wall” experience getting work done
  4. Inconsistent or inadequate communication
  5. Invested in finding more work to bill for
  6. Generally over-priced

I hired consultants for what they did, but it was the way they did it that turned me off to the idea of hiring professional help.

How we do

We know that there is a bare minimum expectation our clients have. You want top-talent, quick ramp up, and people invested in your success. What we do is not unique, and we know what you really want is a team does more than you ever expected.

We invest ourselves with your team

We treat client work like our work. We understand the reason people prefer full-time employees, and want to show you that we can fill your FTE gaps with people equally invested in your success.

We provide immediate impact

Adding one member of Azend provides access to the entire brain trust of our company. We support our team members as they support your needs. Our ramp-up times are short, and our impact is huge (and we relish the challenge of proving that to you).

We work to continuously improve

We don’t make mistakes — we just have a lot of creative ways to learn new things. Yes, we’re experts in many areas, and yet, we still believe there’s room for growth. We want to grow with you and your team, and find ways together to do things better.

We strive to be valuable, not indispensable

We ascribe to our own “Content-ilities”. Our work and knowledge should be visible to your teams. We encourage others to do the same, and work closely with your teams to ensure that others can provide just as much value as we do.

How can we help you?

At Azend, we strongly believe that our uniqueness is in our approach to work. We love challenges, and we love to be part of a team that wants to do great things. If this resonates with you, send us a note, and let us show you what “unique” is all about.