May 18, 2017

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How I Got Started – The Azend Values Ramp Up

by Savio Nguyen

A year ago, I quit a seven year accounting career to attend a code bootcamp. The uncertainty of quitting your job is scary; it is even scarier to quit your job with the intention of breaking into a new industry.  After I graduated, the days moved at a snails pace as I endured a grueling job search while continuing to develop my new skills. I was told the best environment for a new software engineer was a large company because they would have the resources for a strong on-boarding process. I believed this until I interviewed with a small consulting shop called Azend. Every interview I had with Azend showed me that they were an organization that highly valued continuous learning and provided an environment that fostered growth.

After accepting a position at Azend as a Technology Consultant, I was nervous as I prepared to start day one. My nerves were quickly eased — I found my transition into my new role to be smoother than any other I’ve ever experienced, which I attribute to the strong core values at Azend. In my short time here, I’ve learned new technologies and experienced an incredible amount of professional growth.

Continuous Improvement

As engineers, we are always looking for ways to achieve the same or better result by working smarter, thus eliminating all work that isn’t absolutely necessary.

If I had to pick one core value that stands out to me and can be found in every Azend employee, it would be continuous improvement. We not only actively seek ways to improve ourselves, but also our clients’ teams. We focus on the right solution that fits the need, then continue to think of ways to add more value.

Drive Quality Results

As a new software engineer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of quickly writing code and pushing it out because it works. Just because it works doesn’t mean it’s good. Is it maintainable? How is the readability? Can another engineer easily understand and build off of my code? These are the questions we ask ourselves in all the work we do.

Azend has a strong focus on code standards, and our team of engineers regularly discusses how we can improve our standards. We debate and come to a consensus on best practices that we use in the work we do for our clients. This leaves our clients with maintainable code that they can continue to build on their own.

Communicate Effectively

One of the first tasks we do as consultants is ask to see the documentation. Having good documentation is an effective way to communicate with a development team because it provides a resource for people joining the project to ramp up quickly.

Azend has a strong emphasis on documentation and it was a key factor to my growth as a software engineer. Whenever I started a new project, I always found detailed documentation that allowed me to jump right in and provide immediate value for our clients. If I found a better way to accomplish a task, I would update the documentation to efficiently share knowledge with people at all levels of the organization.

Embrace Teamwork

When engaging with Azend, a single consultant is not alone in their efforts. They have the whole team to pull on to help them be successful. Azend invests in every effort, be it one consultant, or ten. We work together to bring success to our clients.

Although the consultants at Azend are all working on different projects, everybody has always been ready and willing to answer any questions that I had as I ramped up. There have even been moments during the first few months where I have been able to assist another engineer on a problem they were stuck on. It is an amazing feeling to know that even as a new engineer, the team values my input and trusts in my ability to help them.

Final Thoughts

I feel like I’ve grown so much as a software engineer in the short time I’ve been at Azend. The core values here have prepared me for any professional challenge I may face.

With these core values ingrained in every Azend consultant, our clients know they are not just getting a temporary resource that will do a project for them and leave them with no other option but to come back for more work. During the time we are with our clients, we become part of their team, we deliver quality code, and we help improve their processes. We empower our clients with all the tools necessary to continue to grow without us. As our CEO, Jeff Camozzi, likes to say: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way you do it.

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