June 20, 2017

Company News

From CEO to Founder: It’s all about Teamwork

by Jeff Camozzi

Two years ago I embarked on a journey to create my own company, infused with the ethos of continuous improvement, attention to detail, and most of all, teamwork. I built an all-star team while simultaneously growing my family, and working on a full-time contract to support my company’s needs. I have learned an incredible amount about what it takes to create a sustainable business, and at the center of this is to share — not horde — knowledge. Our company culture has emphasized the idea that we work with our clients to provide value, not to become indispensable. It’s because my team has so thoroughly espoused these principles that I feel comfortable stepping into a new role as Chief Technology Officer at Dealer Teamwork, a fast growing SaaS company creating first-class solutions for the retail automotive industry.

Taking on a new role is never an easy decision. However, I take comfort in knowing the growing Azend team can continue to deliver as they always have — it’s their ability and leadership that will take Azend to the next level, as I work to path-find Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP Platform, and cultivate their technology practices. Dealer Teamwork hires on ethics, attitude, and effort, and this shows in both the energy of the team, and the drive to accomplish their goals. I’m excited to be joining their team even as Azend continues to thrive.

It’s all about teamwork.